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Courage and Other Demons ~ Review

Title: Courage and Other Demons
Publication Date: January 19, 2013
Pages: 362
Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Rating: 3.5 stars

Summary: The end of the world will start in the suburbs of Denver with a faery transfer student from Ireland. If you think that’s totally ridiculous, then you understand how Maggie O’Neill feels. In all of her sixteen years, faeries were something you read about in children’s books. They didn’t actually show up on your doorstep. They didn’t kiss you and make your knees go weak and whisper sweet nothings in your ear. Until Simon Brady, that is. Simon changed everything. He makes her heart race and her skin burn with excitement, but he has also changed her core beliefs about the world and made her see it as a dark and dangerous place filled with monsters that belong only in the lines of faery tales. There is no doubt in Maggie’s mind that she loves Simon, but can she see past who he is and find a place for him in her heart?

My expectations were misplaced with this one. Based on the synopsis (and the cover), I totally thought I was going into a world where civilization had already been ripped apart and practically ended.

Not so much.

Instead, I went through the normal school days of Maggie. On repeat. For a while. :/ I was hoping since the synopsis flat out tells you what's going on with Simon, we, as readers, wouldn't be subjected to the big reveal of a paranormal creature amongst us. You know, with the heavy breathing, achy chest, and head feeling whooshy that usually accompanies such an event.

While the beginning did drag for awhile, once Maggie is informed of the prophecy and the Irish folklore comes more into play, the novel does go up and up from there. I really enjoyed the Irish stories and have looked further into some of the legends, which are fascinating! 

The relationship between Maggie and Simon bordered on insta-love. Luckily, there's a nice little prophecy to speed things along. (Even if Maggie was one of those stubborn mules that eventually sits after you've been pulling it to go forward.) (Actually, she's just that type of person in regards to everything.) I liked the romance and seeing their rocky relationship from the starting line. There are a lot of obstacles for these two young lovers to overcome, but there's an overlying sense that all will work out in the end. That might be the prophecy talking however...

There's really only one thing that frustrated me. About halfway through the novel, we become aware that there's more than meets the eye in regards to Maggie. As the MC, she's supposed to vanquish the enemy, become the hero, blah blah blah. Yet, there wasn't even a smidgen of a hint of what her "specialness" actually was. Constantly, Maggie kept asking why me? AND NO ONE HAD AN ANSWER! There was absolutely nothing "special" about Maggie. No powers, no insight, absolutely nothing to indicate how in the world this normal human girl is supposed to fight against the coming evil. Overall, I really liked this book, but I needed a little more from this author. For some reason, she wants to play Maggie close to the chest. Not cool, Ms. Daugherty, not cool.

Provided by the publisher via Roger Charlie for an honest review. Thank you!

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