Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Zeus ~ Review

Title: Zeus
Author: Kamery Solomon
Publication Date: February 23, 2013
Pages: 432
Genre: Young Adult,  Mythology, Fantasy

Rating: 2 stars

Summary: Vegas is not where Karly had imagined herself to be at this point in her life.She was supposed to be living in California, soaking up the sun and enjoying the life of an artist. Instead, she's just moving out of her parent's house and going to a school that could loosely be called her second choice. When she meets Zeus Drakos, owner of the new hit casino and resort in town, he seems just like every other jerk guy out there. How was she supposed to know who he really was?

So I recently did something either a little stupid or absolutely brilliant. I decided to go through all the pages of Amazon and download any "free" book that looked promising. And out of 400 pages (20 books a page, you can do the math), I ended up with a total of 96 new books in my Kindle. Not too shabby if I say so myself. Zeus is one of the first of these new novels. And I have to say, I'm glad it was free.

The story wasn't terrible, overall. I'm sure I can think of a book here and there that is much, much worse.

So I'm going to go over what I did like: 

Karly. I really liked the MC. She was spunky, naive, and she didn't take Zeus' shit. I think I loved this the most. She moves to Las Vegas to go to college. (Why didn't I think of this??) She moves in with triplets awkward, and shortly after this goes out to the strip with the triplets. Cue the God of all gods. Zeus. He's sexy and charming, until he suggests that Karly and him go upstairs for a little "fun."
So what does Karly do?
She shoots him down like the queen she is, and leaves. Good for you, honey!

Sad to say I think that's all I have for the good points. While this book tried really hard not to be an insta-love story, tragically it was. One second she is hating his guts and mildly concerned for her safety. The next, she agrees to go out with him and she "falls so hard." Great. Not like Zeus stalked you to your house, waited all. friggen. day for you to come out. And when you do, and forgo his apologetic flowers, he throws the biggest tantrum. And I mean it, a psychotic meltdown tantrum. I'm sorry, was I really reading about the God of thunder, or a sociopath? 

That's something else that I'm totally bummed about. Like, can the real Zeus please stand up? I wanted the wrath and power of Zeus, not some crazy, puppy love-sick, baby of a Zeus. Some other gods showed up in this novel and I thought their performances were spot on. Hera? Yes, I loved her (in that I love to hate her kind of love). But she was perfectly acidic towards Karly. (This is not the Disney version of Hera. I mean, the myth has Hera as a truly jealous, even spiteful goddess.) So yes, Hear was good. Zeus, yeah no.

So there you have it. The first review of the 94 new books that I get to read is finished. *flails* Has anyone else read this thing? What's you thoughts?